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we are following breaking news for you in san francisco where this unbelievable mess. we will tell you what happened. and why it will take a long time to clean it up. we're live in santa cruz the city loses two police officers for the first time in its history. we'll tell you who police say is responsible. and pope benedict xvi makes his final appearance before stepping down. his message to his followers. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning, everybody it's wednesday, february 27th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve as promised. it seems to be getting warmer this week. >> very nice warm. >> yeah. big system in the great lakes. subtle changes today. really probably only those in weather might notice it. we will see a few high clouds come in here. it will still be mild to warm. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay scene take a look at highway 24. it is looking pretty good adds you drive through. there are no major problems. as a matter of fact, the traffic continues to look good. also the southbound 101 as you drive past the ups building there is road work there. we'll keep an eye on it for you.
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let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. dozens of homes and cars are flooded at this hour. water main burst at 15th avenue near the stones street galleria mall. we have incredible pictures of water gushing out for an hour and a half. and now water in some houses is two feet high. claudine wong. >> reporter: check out this situation. it is a mess out here. i want to give you a look at the intersection on 15th avenue. you can see the water is still sitting here. a good portion of it not sure what is in that water but it is swirling at this point as officials from the pec try to figure out what to do and how to get this cleaned up. we can tell you there is several blocks inside the traffic. san francisco police keeping everyone from getting in and around here.
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i want to bring out jim o'connell into this. yowley here. i'm looking at your suv. tell me what you saw this morning when you said you came outside. >> i came out around 2:30 to have a cigarette. and the water was just gushing from right up there about halfway up the block. and i came outside to check it out. and i was out here for a a half hour. by the time i tried to go back in i was trapped. >> reporter: what is the situation inside? this is your home right here. the bottom floor is? >> the bottom floor got to a foot and a half of water. >> reporter: your vehicle just one of several out here that is trapped in there. any hopes the lights came on. >> the lights started going off. the alarms and lights on all the cars once it got up to the
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headlights. >> reporter: when you look out here now it's been a couple hours. obviously the water has been turned off but that is a swirling sludge. you arethinking that is sewage that backed up. >> yeah. i talked to a police officer. he said the sewage backed up after the water main. >> reporter: you seem to be taking it in strides. >> nothing you can do. >> reporter: all right jim, thank you for talking to us. this is the scene at 15th wanona. you can see water and sludge in the street. it has reseeded. seed -- receded. it will be awhile out here. we're trying to talk to officials to see how the game plan looks at this point. we'll keep an eye on it for you and keep you updated. live in san francisco claudine wong. we are also following an unprecedented tragedy in the city of santa cruz. two police officers shot to
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death. they are the first officers killed in the line of duty in the city's long history. ktvu tara moriarty now is in santa cruz this morning. tara. >> reporter: very emotional time as you can imagine for not only the police department but the sheriffs office that is assisting with the investigation. we are here off brand site 40 avenue. the officers were responding to a call 13 hours ago. you can see it's still an active scene. the sheriffs office handling the investigation. detective sergeant lauren butch baker was a 28 year veteran of the police department here. own detective elizabeth butler was a ten year veteran. both were killed during a confrontation yesterday afternoon about a mile from the beach. police say the two officers were investigating a sexual assault suspect when the man opened fire and killed them. their bodies were found outside of the home. santa cruz police chief identified the two fallen officers in an emotionally news
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conference last night. >> thanks to every member of our community who has reached out over this tragic situation and offered their condolences and support in the loss of my two officers today. this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> reporter: swat teams immediately closed off the entire neighborhood and locked down three schools. they tracked down the suspect around the corridor 30 minutes after the officers were killed. officers killed the suspect in a barrage of gunfire. they identified the suspect as 35-year-old jeremy gooley. we'll explain more on that charge and what could possibly have triggered goo lay's mental state.
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>> i want everybody to ask what the city is really doing about crime in this town. this is the last thing that i thought would ever happen. it's unbelievable. >> on february 9th a 32-year- old santa cruz man was shot and killed outside a popular downtown bar. less than a week late aero21- year-old woman was raped and beaten on the santa cruz campus. we'll have continuing coverage on the deaths of the two killed police officers. you can find more information at overnight police chase in san jose ends in a roll over accident with two people recovering in the hospital this
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morning. it happened around 2:00 a.m.. police tried to pull over a stolen car but the suspects sped off. the brief chase ended when the driver lost control of the car. authorities say two teens a boy and girl were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. all lanes have been reopened. oakland police are investigating a shooting that happened at 1:30 this morning. we're told the victim was inside a vehicle on 80th avenue and holly when someone shot him. he managed to drive around the corner and parked in carport where he called police. police say so far he has not been coopive with investigators. there is cautious optimism among family and friends of a missing couple. peruvian officials says they were spotted in a remote area in the amazon on a boat. they plan to send a plane and record video of the couple and provide proof they are okay in
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in a written message she -- >> waiting for proof of life at this point. hoping the stories we have heard are true. but of course like we said being optimistic and cautious at the same time. >> the couple traveled to south america for a biking trip. but they haven't heard from them since january 25th. rescuers called off the search for a sailboat. what coast guard officials are saying about that distress call is possibly a hoax. pope benedict made his last public appearance before resigning tomorrow. two hours ago he road in the pope mobile around st. peters square. he kissed the fore heads of several babies. without going into detail he recalled moments of joy and light while facing great pain and difficulty. he thanks everyone for
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respecting his decision to step down and pray for the next pope. happening right now a couple minutes ago chuck hagel arriving at the pentagon for his first day of work. we'll take you live there this morning. we understand he has just arrived there. this is after a seven week fight. the senate voted to -- this is a live picture now outside the pentagon there in virginia. hagel will take the oath of office this morning and will make his first remarks to defense employees just about three hours from now. time now 4:38. just two days before massive automatic cuts. there are no signs of a compromise deal to avoid those cuts. president obama toured a shipyard in virginia yesterday where the navy has delayed schedule of a maintenance air carrier. the $85 billion across the board budget cuts are due to begin on friday and effect a
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variety of government officials. this morning dozens of people in oakland are back in their homes after a leaking propane tank prompted an evacuation. firefighters were called around 7:00 last night. they say a propane thank had rusted through. firefighters say their biggest concern was making sure leaking propane didn't catch fire. they cleared the scene shortly before 11:00. evacuees were allowed to return home. we'll check in with sal with a look at traffic. so far it's early. hopefully no problems. >> not a lot of major problems pam and dave. good morning, to you both. right now the traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. we will start off in the east bay with interstate 80 westbound as you head off to the mccarthur maze. no major problems here. you see road work there in some of the left lanes. they are picking it and it
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should be gone. also we have northbound 280 looking good getting up to highway 17. it's 4:39 let's go to steve. sal, thank you very much. we do have mostly clear skies. lows are a lot cooler than yesterday. it looks like a lot of high clouds will filter through after yesterday a gorgeous day with 60s and 70s. it will be a little cooler we lose that offshore breeze. we'll start off with under clear skies. 40s for some. 30s for others. napa is already 32. its think these will go down a little bit. look at this system from the great lakes to the northeast. a lot of snow. anybody has travel plans st. louis, cincinnati probably encounter snow. for us all we have to look
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forward to is higher clouds. mostly sunny. nice but just it's a shade cooler. lows are starting off a little cooler. north east to north wind is not as strong. even though it's still there. 60s to a few near 70 degrees. warmest day will be friday. looks mostly cloudy. cool down sunday. time now 4:40. coming up new fallout over the firing of former l.a. police officer christopher dorner. the heat the police department is facing from several other officers. caught red handed stealing out of a students backpack. the video that has a northern california teacher in trouble. good morning. westbound 237 we have a nice looking drive into south bay so far. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. skies are mostly clear. we'll get a lot of high clouds
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in here today. it will be nice. but not as warm as yesterday. time now 4:44. we are following developing news from switzerland. several people are dead following a workplace shooting. a local newspaper there reports that a shooter opened fire this morning. investigators say at least three people were killed including the gunman and seven others are hurt. a motive is still under investigation. a marine fell to his death during a sky diving training exercise in southern california. this happened just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon in river side county. the marine was with a group of marines participating in a military exercise. it's still unclear what went wrong. the soldier was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. time now 4:45. oscar pistorius held a private memorial for the girl he shot
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and killed. in a public statement he asked for the service to share his loss with family members who knew and loved reeva steenkamp. he admits to shooting and killing her on valentines day but thought she was an intruder. there is new fallout from the case of former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. the police department announced they would re-examine his case. but now sex other police officers ask that they reopen their case as well. las vegas police are looking for a woman in connection to that shooting and crash that killed three people including an oakland native. police are calling 22-year-old tanisha howard a person of interest in this case. she is pictured here with the suspected gunman ammar harris. she was in the suv with harris
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when she shot up a maserati. this morning a congressional committee looks into senator dianne feinstein proposed assault weapon ban. it would ban 150 specific models that hold more than ten rounds. some analysts say the ban against high capacity magazines has a better chance of being approved than the ban on assault weapons. coast guard has suspended the search for a sailboat. under questions that the distress call may have been a hoax. they have covered an area about the size of west virginia looking for the boat. but there have been no signs of the couple and two young children. >> we didn't find any debris in the area. while we were searching. we've also been unable to identify the vessel itself or id any of the people on board. and as of yet no one has come
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forward and say we're missing loved ones and family. >> coast guard says hoax cases did happen but they did not treat this case as one. if it does turn out to be a fake the person responsible could face prison time. the board of supervisors will officially be sworn into office today. mayor ed lee has selected katie tang to represent district four. at 29 years old she is the youngest member of the board. a plan to add fluoride to sonoma county drinking water is moving forward. after a long meeting anonymously approved to further study the plan. the county is looking over water to improve the dental health. but opponents say the chemical can cause serious problems including osteoporosis and even cancer. one california teen hid in a locker to find a suspected
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backpack thief. she didn't expect the alleged culprit to be her own teacher. it happened at linden high school. sophomore took matters into her own hands. she hid in a locker catching this video of a popular teacher appearing to take money. the school district and local authorities are investigating and the teacher is on adds mt -- administrative leave. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> all right pam and brian. traffic is moving along relatively well along the bay area. if you are driving to the bridge, i think you will find it very nice. this is 80 westbound as you drive out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems there. also the morning commute is looking good at the toll plaza. not a lot of accidents here. if you are driving northbound on 101 or 280 driving through the city it looks good. we've been watching the south bay and the traffic here is off to a very good start.
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and also looking at the commute on 101 through the area it is nice. 4:49 let's two to steve. sal. >> yes, sir? >> happy national polar bear day. >> thank you, steve. i forgot your gift, i'll have to bring it tomorrow. >> yesterday a nice day. 60s and 70s. today will be mostly sunny. nice to warm. the lows are running a little cooler and the northeast, north wind is not as strong. still there. it's just not as strong. the weekend will be cooler. a lot of high and mid level clouds coming in. and more of a westerly breeze on sunday. next rain march 6th. it looks like next wednesday we'll get rain in here. boy we could use it. a lot of these high clouds will drift off today. 30s and 40s. there is some areas that are getting a pretty good little breeze. but fairfield is 31. they were much, much warmer yesterday. napa 32. santa rosa 34.
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30s and 40s. the debris is still low. a little bit from land to sea. so it's northeast expect sfo has a little bit of a northwest or westerly but even half-moon bay has a slight offshore component. look at this whopper of a system. i show this in case you have travel plans. st. louis to chicago and green bay and detroit. cincinnati and cleveland. that is a lot of snow. there is rain to the northeast as well. that is a big system. for us a lot of the higher clouds will drift across. mostly sunny. high clouds still nice. but just not as nice as yesterday. and not as breezy as well. so 60s on the temps. i did go 70 morgan hill and gilroy. high clouds will carry us into thursday. friday will be warm. we cloud it up. >> thanks steve. coming up a battle over beer. why the world's largest beer maker is in hot water with angry customers. push comes to shove.
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time now is 4:53. take a look at this. people in missouri are digging themselves out of this snowy mess. it's the second storm to pound the region in a week. it toppled trees and power
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lines. cutting off power to a hundred thousands of homes and businesses. oracle founder larry owns a small airline. ellison bought island air which offers 224 flights. a week between -- the deal comes less than a year after ellison bought 98% of the island of l.a. nigh. a specks person says the purchase is a commitment to hawaii. world's largest beer maker is accused of watering down some of its most popular products. anheusser bush is being sued for $5 million. former workers including some from the fairfield brewery came forward with that information that the company adds water to its beers right before bottling. that reduces the alcohol content on loggers by as much as 8%. >> that is many millions of dollars in saved components and ingredients. and it's many millions of
4:57 am
dollars in increased profits all to the expense of the consumer. >> the beer maker says the claims are groundless and complies with all labeling laws. now it's up to the courts to decide if beer drinkers are being cheated. today the national basketball association is expected to hand down discipline for last nights scuffle between the warriors and the indiana pacers. >> pacers center roy and warriors forward david lee shoved each other going for a rebound. 7'2" herbert flung to the ground. warriors ground steph curry who is a foot shorter. warriors players expect fines but no suspensions. incidentally the warriors lost 108-97. >> keep it cool guys. >> david west you see him he grabs someones head and
4:58 am
punching. and he's like break it up. come on david west. you've guilty to be bet -- you've got to be better. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive around the bay area. coming in through northbound 101 as you approach the 80 split. it's a nice looking drive. no major problems. we're off to a nice start. that road work that was there the first time we went to it at 4:30 is now gone. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a very nice looking drive. we've been looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge and traffic is looking good across potato of those spans. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have clear skies now. there is some higher clouds on the way. i think that will take the edge off the highs from yesterday. even though there is a component of an offshore breeze. it's not as strong as yesterday. clear skies in the morning. clear to cold. still nice to warm. i think the higher clouds take the temperatures down in the north bay. but south bay santa clara.
4:59 am
40s for others. depends on if we get a little bit of a breeze or not. this monster system producing all this snow continues to slowly churn in the great lakes. for us it will be another nice day. mostly sunny. a little cooler. especially i think north bay. not as breezy. there is still component of a north, northeast wind. it's not nearly as strong. 60s to upper 60s to a very few low 70s. higher clouds thursday. friday will be sunny and warm. mostly cloudy on saturday. and a cooler pattern on sunday. coming up next in our 5:00 hour breaking news from san francisco. it is hard to believe just how much water is gushing around cars and into homes. after a big water main break. we'll have a live update from the scene. also two police officers killed in the line of duty. what we have learned about the suspect.
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